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Residential Designs


Coversheet: A rendering of our Exterior Plans (not on all plans)

Exterior Elevations: Included are the Front, Rear, Right & Left Side Elevations of the plan.

Foundation Plan: Includes the Foundation Layout, all details & notes pertaining to the project.

Floor Plan(s): These plans show the layout of each floor in the home, window/door schedules for the plan and any details and notes pertaining to                                     the plans.

Cross-section(s) and/or Wall Details: Specifies the plan construction, Insulation, framing and details as if the house was cut in half and notes as                                                                            needed.

Framing: Showing the layout of the floor joist, ceiling joist and rafter location including joist and rafter size.

Our plans are based upon the "Massachusetts Building Code" and the "International Residential Code" at the time they were originally created.

Any plans purchased out of State, contact your local Biling Department for local codes and specific energy codes for your area.

Any Steel or Engineered Lumber required or Post that support them are to be Certified by an Engineer or local lumber supplier at the purchasers expense.

All sales on house plans are final.

No refunds. No exchanges can be given once your order has been processed.

ITEMS NOT INCLUDED IN OUR PLANS: HVAC, Electrical Drawings, Surveying and/or Site Engineering.

Packert Design is a residential design service and not an Engineering and/or Architectural Firm. These plans are intended for dimensional and conceptual use. Any Engineering or Architectural services required are the sole responsibility of the purchaser of these plans. As always, these plans should be reviewed before the building process begins. We offer a wide variety of home designs and marketing plans to accomodate your building needs.

Our goal at Packert Design is to give our customers satisfaction and rapid delivery.



STANDARD COPY SET $800.00 Includes:(4)11"x17" & (2) 24"x36" Prints
PREMIUM COPY  SET $1,000.00 Includes:(4)11"x17" & (4) 24"x36" Prints
PDF SET $1,200.00 Best for Electronic Delivery
SINGLE SET $400.00 24"x26" Print for Bidding purposes only. Will be marked "Not for Construction".